Patrick is a studio potter, making high fire stoneware and porcelain table and service ware, finished in a gas or wood fuel kiln. Patrick completed his MFA from Ohio University in 1995, and the family decided to move back to Tennessee. They found a home in the Spring of 1998 in a wide valley at the base of the Great Smoky Mountains. They moved there with their three children, and Patrick built a kiln and a small studio beside their home.

Alison is a traditional soap maker. She learned to make lye soap the old-fashioned way from an elderly friend, and loves setting up to demonstrate traditional soap-making, using her great grandmother’s iron kettle.
During the years Patrick was completing his MFA, Alison took a class on aromatherapy. This caused her to become interested in diversifying, so she combined the two and began making scented soaps. Now she makes lye soap, goats milk soap, lotions, and lip balms. She loves coming up with new ideas, so the list will continue growing. Keep a watch on the website, as any new items will be posted there.

For a number of years, Patrick and Alison worked out of their studio at home.  This enabled them to be home to raise their three children.  In 2003, they made the decision to move to a shop in the Arts and Crafts Community.  Patrick continues to work and fire at his studio at home, while Alison can be found at the shop in Gatlinburg.  She would love to meet you, if you happen to come to the Smoky Mountains for a visit.

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